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How Contextual Advertising Works

When you go to a search engine and look for information on certain keywords, you usually notice links or banners that pop up once you open a webpage. These links and banners are examples of contextual advertising. They are in context with that of what you are looking for. If you are looking for products to shop online, tendencies are you get pop ups or banners and links suggesting some products related to the ones you are looking for.

Search engines and pay per click web marketing use contextual advertising for their adverts most of the time. Sometimes you get pop ups or alerts about downloading a software for the product in order to use it to its optimum especially if you are looking into software-related products. If you are the advertiser, you should understand all these and take into consideration what the customers would expect to see when your link or banner pops up.

Questions you may want to include in weighing if contextual advertising is going to work for you include how beneficial the information is to the customer, what could be the customer’s expectations on such product, and is there an available area on the page to send comments and suggestions?

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